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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) provides easy answers to the applicant queries, seeking height clearance for the structures around airports, as well as illustrate the NOC application Procedure.

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Ans. Obtaining NOC for height clearance is a statutory requirement as per Government of India’s Gazette Notifications GSR 751 (E) as amended from time. GSR 751 (E) makes it mandatory to obtain NOC for height clearance prior to start of construction.
Ans. GSR751 (E) is a Statutory Order issued by Government of India for Safeguarding Aerodromes, notified on the 30th September, 2015 replacing earlier notification SO 84 E and may be viewed at GSR_751(E)
Ans. Airports Authority of India (AAI) has introduced online application for issuance of NOC through a software, known as “No Objection Certificate Application System” (NOCAS). AAI has customized NOCAS in line with the Ministry of Urban Development initiative of ease of doing business in construction sector.
Ans. Applicants may access NOCAS on AAI website “” by clicking through Apply/Track link or directly access the login page
A new applicant needs to register himself/herself with NOCAS, by clicking the Registration Link (New User? Register Here). After successful acceptance of registration form, applicant will get a link on his/her email. Now by clicking the link, the applicants account gets activated and the applicant gets registered to the NOCAS website. Now, the applicant can access the website by logging in. Email ID of the applicant becomes his/her user ID. After login, the applicant is moved to his/her Dash Board. Applicant can now submit online application through Apply NOC link provided on his/her dash board.

Note 1: Please use Chrome 40 & above, Firefox 36 & above or Internet Explorer 11 & above only.

Note2: Photo ID’s, any one of these can be uploaded‐ Voter ID, Aadhar, PAN card or Passport.

Ans. Yes, you can update information in respect of communication address and mobile number. Rest fields are not editable. Therefore, applicant needs to be careful and sure about the information filed while registering himself/ herself.
Ans. The Airports Authority of India issues the No Objection Certificate on behalf of Central Government in respect of all Civil Aerodromes in India including the licensed State Government aerodromes and the Private aerodromes where civil commercial flights are operating as listed at Schedule III of G.S.R 751 (E).
Ans. For Defence Aerodromes, No Objection Certificate for height clearance is issued by respective defence authorities, in accordance with the notification and subject to any other restriction or condition which such authorities may impose.
Ans. AAI has established nine NOC Offices at Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Guwahati, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Nagpur headed by Designated Officer responsible for examining the NOC applications for height clearance and issuance of NOC after due examination.
Ans. Before filing an application for NOC in NOCAS2, it is advisable to refresh your system. Remove all history cache and check whether pop up feature is on or not. Thereafter start the process. If you still feel difficulty then contact NOCAS technical team by emailing your specific problem to or,
Ans. No construction work shall start before issue of NOC. Applicant submit an Undertaking to this effect while applying for NOC. This provision is as per the clauses made in G.S.R.751 (E).

However for the cities for which Colour Coded Zoning Map (CCZM) have been prepared, building/structure proposals can be approved by Local Bodies without referring to AAI. Provided that Requested Top Elevation (RTE) is below Permissible Top Elevation (PTE) as per Colour Coded Zoning Map (CCZM).
Ans. Up to 20 KM for Visual Flight Rules (VFR) Airports and up to 56 KM for Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) Airports. Distances are measured from Aerodrome Reference Point (ARP) of nearest airport/s. If the site is located beyond 20 KM of the VFR civil airport or 56 KM of IFR civil airport and if the height of the desired structure is below 150 M above ground level, then NOC for height clearance from AAI is not required.
Ans. The Site coordinates and Site elevation may be obtained from Survey of India. Alternatively, the certificate in standard format (available in NOCAS website) may be obtained from Government departments like CPWD/ State PWD or Govt. approved Department / Agency authorized for the purpose/Railways/MES. Aerodrome Operators for their respective cities {e.g. Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL), Mumbai International Airport Limited (MIAL}, Bengaluru International Airport Limited, and Hyderabad International Airport Limited}, Urban Local Body authorized/licensed Surveyors/Architects/Engineers or AAI Empaneled Surveyors may also issue certificate, if they are qualified and equipped for this purpose. These agencies must be able to meet the accuracy criteria for Site Coordinates and Site Elevation as described earlier.
Ans. There is no fee for applying and obtaining NOC for height.
Ans. Although there are certain validation checks, applicants are advised to take extra care while filling their applications through NOCAS, and should check carefully that all rows and columns are filled accurately. Incomplete applications are liable to be rejected.
Ans. NO, the applicant cannot modify the NOCAS application after it is submitted. Applicant shall take due care to fill the data correctly as per the available documents and certificates before submit the online application. The required documents are also to be uploaded as per the format given at NOCAS website.
Ans. The validity of NOC is eight years from the date of issue.
Ans. Applicant may apply for one time revalidation of NOC if the construction work has commenced, provided that such request is made within the validity period of the NOC and the delay is due to circumstances which are beyond the control of the developer. The NOC shall be revalidated for such a period as requested by the applicant and approved by the designated officer from the date of initial issue. An undertaking 1C shall be submitted by the applicant, along with revalidation application.
Ans. An applicant may file review application with the designated officer once only, with Undertaking 1D in the following circumstances: i) The applicant does not get the requested height for his proposed structure or due to the change in the plan, applicant wishes to apply for more height in case construction has not started.

ii) NOC was issued for the requested/restricted height and the construction has been started/completed but, the applicant desires higher height.
Ans. On receipt of the online NOC application by NOCAS, the application will be checked for the auto settled criteria. Please refer Para 7 of “Guidelines for Applicant” for details.
Ans. This tool in NOCAS will empower the prospective NOC applicant, to check himself what is the approximate building top elevation he/she may expect from the NOC office. Accordingly, he can plan the proposed structure and apply for NOC. Applicant of the cities for which CCZM has been prepared may find some variation in elevation approved by CCZM and Check Approximate Elevation (CAE).The highest ceiling in CCZM is around 150 m AGL, whereas CAE ceiling is around 300m AGL. CAE is indicative only and Applicant needs to apply for NOC from AAI, whereas Local Bodies can approve building/structure proposal if they follow CCZM criteria without referring to AAI.
Ans. For the redressal of grievances, applicant may contact Designated Officers of concerned NOC Offices. After issue of NOC, applicant may request for ‘Review’ to the Designated Officers or Appeal to the Appellate Committee set up by MoCA. Appeal fee is Rs.200, 000/‐ plus GST. Full procedure is given in NOCAS guidelines and ATMC 6 of 2017.
Ans. Yes, user can check his/her status through login on his/her dash board on AAI website:
Ans. User can check his/her status on AAI website through log in on his/her dash board. If due any reason, application is rejected then user shall get information at his/her registered mobile/email.
Ministry of Civil Aviation and Ministry of Communications and IT has integrated the Standing Advisory Committee on Radio Frequency Allocation (SACFA)’s online application server and Airports Authority of India’s NOC Application System (NOCAS) server to facilitate the Telecom Operators, Broadcasters and other Wireless users to obtain expeditious clearance from SACFA Secretariat and AAI.
Ans. It is the Govt. of India’s initiative for Ease of Doing Business. As per the direction received, website of NOCAS has been integrated with website of Local Bodies of Delhi & Mumbai. Applicant shall apply in the Common Application Form (CAF) developed by Urban Local Bodies of Mumbai and Delhi for NOC for height as well. ULB’s after assessing the application will refer to AAI, if required by posting it their website. AAI NOCAS will fetch application from there and process it. The result will be posted back on NOCAS website. The ULB will fetch the result from there. The applicant will get NOC from concern Local Body.